Weather Information System – Metocean Buoy

The A+D WISE BUOY – Weather Information Systems is an extremely reliable and versatile tool for safer offshore or marine operations. WISE BUOY can be used to collect data when planning operations, to increase the safety level during critical operations and can also be used to collect data for later analysis for statistics purposes as well as storing data for incident and accident investigations.

Weather conditions is the main limiting operational and safety parameter when operating many specialized offshore vessels. Weather critical operations such as passenger transport, heavy lifting, cable laying and others are often delicate or dangerous operations.

Accurate Weather Monitoring during such operations can increase the operational window significantly. It can be the main factor leading to a successful operation.

The WISE BUOY can be configured to many different applications. It can also be combined with other A+D MetOcean products to a complete customer specified package. Meteorological and oceanographic forecasting can be added and integrated as an extra feature.