Wind sensors

Wind speed and direction have traditionally been measured by using mechanical methods, such as propellers and rotating cups. In recent years, sensors using modern ultrasonic technology have been introduced and developed to a level that makes them suitable for offshore applications.

A+D can deliver both types of sensors from different manufacturers, however only those robust enough to survive the harsh conditions offshore will be recommended. We have over 25 years of experience in choosing the best models for your application.

Mechanical wind sensors

A+D can deliver several mechanical sensors using propellers or rotating cups from different manufacturers. Sensors per- form differently in low wind speeds and in high wind speeds. Also gust survival and temperature range need to be consid- ered when selecting the sensor.
Models with ATEX certificate for Ex-installations are available. Please contact us for details.

Ultrasonic wind sensors

A+D can recommend several types of ultrasonic sensors from different manufacturers. Ultrasonic sensors have no moving parts or bearings and have very low requirements for mainte- nance and calibration. These are therefore highly recommended for installations on high masts or in inaccessible locations. Models with ATEX certificate for Ex-installations are available.

Location – location – location

Many wind sensor users have experienced unexpected meas- urement problems or corrupted data due to turbulence or ob- struction from nearby constructions.
A+D engineers have long experience in spotting such problems and can advise and recommend locations for best possible measurements.