Wind Resource Assessment System

Wind Prospector

Lockheed Martin’s WindProspector produces high quality volumetric wind measurements to evaluate the wind resource potential for both land and off-shore wind energy sites. WindProspector develops each area’s wind resource map and validates it using independent existing measurement tools to establish bankability. From a single location, data is collected over a broad area, encompassing multiple turbine sites. Developers of wind projects use the data to confirm expectations and identify areas for installation of profitable wind farms.

WindProspector also facilitates smarter wind farm installation. WindProspector’s high resolution wind resource maps enable wind farm developers to understand the effects of terrain and turbine wakes. They use this data to optimize turbine siting and maximize the renewable energy output of a prospective wind farm site.

  • Accurate wind resource mapping for land and offshore sites
  • Reliable wind data over a large region from a single sensor location
  • Accelerated site selection and development
  • Improved prediction of farm energy output
  • Reduced investment risk

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