Wind Farm Operational Intelligence

Wind Optimizer

Lockheed Martin’s WindOptimizer™ provides intelligence to help wind farm managers and operators make the right decisions and optimize management of energy generation assets. WindOptimizer predicts the power output of wind turbines at least 30 minutes in advance for best use of backup generation assets, informed energy trading decisions and avoidance of site control error penalties.

WindOptimizer monitors wind turbine activity with comprehensive evaluations and notifications, allowing for accurate tracking and control of turbine performance. It produces reliable data for complete site management, ensuring that wind farm assets are maintained and operated to maximize energy production.

WindOptimizer provides unsurpassed real-time operations services and performance analysis across sites for wind farm managers to achieve the right actions at the right time, stabilizing energy generation output and increasing profit.

  • Forecasts turbine output power with WindTracer® Lidar wind measurements
  • Produces wind ramp alarms to enable proper action in advance
  • Organizes and assesses telemetry from across the turbine fleet
  • Analyzes forensics to determine root cause of turbine problems
  • Evaluates the economic impact of operation and maintenance actions
  • Provides a view of the turbine fleet, the geography and the weather at a glance
  • Drills down to individual wind farms, turbines, and weather sensors at the touch of a fingertip

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