Stepgauge Tide and Wave Measurements

Tide and Wave Measurements – general

Tide and Waves can be measured in many different ways, depending upon application, but one of the main problems will always be reliability in long term operations. The Stepgauge sensor is one of the most robust sensors on the market with extreme long-term reliability and low maintenance requirements. This unit is perfectly suited for harbours and shallow water applications, but can also be used in other applications where it can be installed alongside a structure or pole.

Stepgauge description

The stepgauge sensor made of epoxy and stainless steel and are of extremely robust design. The water level is measured along the length of the sensor and additional 3-meter lengths of sensors can be added to achieve the required measurement range. A maximum range of 21 meters will cover a large range of users and make this unit suitable for a lot of wave measurement applications. Signals can be transmitted through GSM, satellite or through wireless HF modems. Optional display units or PC software are also available from A+D.

Main advantages:

  • Extremely robust and low maintenance.
  • Combined wave- and waterlevel (tide) measurement.
  • Measures difference in electrical conductivity between air and water.
  • Measures the actual waterlevel – direct sensing.
  • High sample rate up to 10,24Hz, standard 2,56 Hz.
  • Suitable for measurement of all waves with T>0,5s.
  • Clear distinction between green and white water.
  • Uninfluenced by temperature, humidity or rain.
  • Measuring accuracy of the wa-terlevel ±5mm from Hs>50 mm.
  • No recalibration required, no zero-drift.