Personal Lightning Detector

Personal lightning detectorLightning detection — general:
Working in sites exposed to lightning can be extremely dangerous to working personnel if not warned in time.
The ThunderBolt unit is one of the highest professional – grade Portable Lightning Detec- tors available on the market and could potentially save lives if used.
Storm and Lightning Detection Range – 75 Miles (100 km in metric version)

Thunderbolt PLD description
The ThunderBolt storm and lightning detection system uses several warning and message screens. The display continually provides updated information about detected storm and lightning activity (range, ap- proach speed, estimated time of arrival, and severity) as well as communicating status of the ThunderBolt itself (low-battery warning, tone on/off).

Because the on-board computer controls all functions, all you have to do is turn the ThunderBolt on. It will even handle the job of turning itself off when operating on 9-volt battery power.

The lightweight, handheld ThunderBolt® Storm Detector can detect and track storm activity from up to 75 miles. You’ll never be surprised by an approaching storm again. ThunderBolt detects storm activity in real time, without using any outside weather information source, and continuously provides precise updates of the storm’s progression. ThunderBolt provides the user with the Estimated Time of Arrival (the time until the storm is eight miles away — when workers are in danger, but before thunder can be heard and of- ten before lightning can be seen), and lets you know how much time before it’s safe to resume work activities – minimizing actual downtime. ThunderBolt has been rigorously tested by the military, construction, industry – including mining and oil refineries, local and federal governments, schools and park facilities.

Fact is, lightning can strike from 8 miles away, long before you can hear thunder or see lightning. The SAFETY RISK from dangerous thunderstorms is taking action too late. ThunderBolt, with over 50 text screens, tracks storms and warns users in time to reach cover long before they are within the deadly strike range. The SAFETY RISK is removed because the guesswork has been eliminated.