Ice Detection Sensors

Ice detection sensorsIce detection — general:
Working in sites exposed to icing can be extremely dangerous to working personnel if not warned in time. Ice can make steps and ladders slippery and make work situations at heights or emergency evacuation more dangerous than allowable.

Wind turbines — in particular offshore, and offshore oil and gas platforms — in particular in arctic waters, will be exposed to icing in all outdoor work areas such as landing points, ladders, gangways, etc. and the ability to predict this could be vital to the safety situation onboard.

ICE DETECTOR description
The Ice Detector can be used as a separate system or as a sensor connected to the Weather Station or HMS—Helideck Monitoring System onboard.
The Ice Detector can also provide analog outputs or serial outputs to other systems as required. Alarm outputs are also available.
The Ice Detector does also have an integrated Web server and web based user interface for remote user access via Internet.