Airport Wind Shear Detection System

Wind Tracer Doppler LIDAR

Lockheed Martin’s WindTracer Doppler lidar (light detection and ranging system) detects dangerous wind shear in the airport terminal vicinity.

Airport Wind Shear Detection Systems

It is the world’s most sophisticated system of its type. Designed to assist safe airport flight operations, the system also complements existing sensors by monitoring current meteorological conditions.

WindTracer is used for tracking hazardous winds. The system provides advanced warning of wind shear, allowing air traffic control personnel to give precise, timely direction to pilots during takeoff and landing. Defined as sudden changes in wind speed and direction over a relatively short distance, wind shear is hazardous during these critical phases of flight due to its effect on aircraft control. With wind hazard detection capability, WindTracer is vital during dangerous weather conditions and is deployed to help prevent wind shear-related accidents at major airports.

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