Automasjon og Data AS receives ISO9001:2008-certification by DNV

5th July 2013


Automasjon og Data AS is proud to announce that we have been awarded ISO9001:2008- certification by DNV for our Quality Management System.

For users of A+D engineered system solutions, it means we are focused on satisfying our customers by using a standardized, reliable and robust engineering process that ensures a high quality final result.

It also means A+D is required to demonstrate ongoing continuous improvement.

This continues our efforts to establish A+D as one of the best supplier of products and services to our targeted environmental and energy markets, and is a significant milestone in our continuous improvement efforts.

Customers want to be confident that they are doing business with an organization that can consistently meet or exceed their needs on time.

Successfully completing the rigorous process required for ISO 9001:2008-certification is a clear sign that we are committed to superior product quality and customer satisfaction.


A+D  Automasjon og Data AS